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Welcome to the Mars Baseball Association online registration system!

Please select your registration from the list below.  If you wish to register more than one individual or register an individual for more than one of the available programs, simply click theRegister Another Individualbutton on the Registration Review page after you have completed the first registration.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact us at

If you have Giant Eagle credits and would like to apply them to your registration fees, please click "pay by check" rather than paying by credit card.  We will then apply your credits and you will need to write a check for the balance or pay the balance by credit card. 


All monies paid for registration fees are NONREFUNDABLE.

PLAYING UP/New Age Determination Date
Little League and certain other baseball organizations such as PONY Baseball have changed the age determination date from April 30 to August 31.  The baseball year runs from September 1 through August 31.  As a result, a player's actual age will not be higher than their league age during any portion of the baseball year.  For example, a player who turns 12 on September 1 will be a 12U play from September 1 through August 31 of the following year.  Additionally, a player who turns 12 on August 31 will be 11 for most of the baseball year because he turns 12 at the very end of the baseball year.  

For purposes of recreational, in-house play, Mars Baseball has an "age or grade policy".  In other words, players can play in an in-house league according to their age as of April 30 or they can "play up" in the league where the majority of their classmates play.  In other words, players born between May 1 and August 31 who started kindergarten when they were 5 are allowed to "play up" so that they can play with their classmates.  However, players born between May 1 and August 31 who started kindergarten when they were 6, should play according to their age as of April 30 so they are playing with the majority of their classmates.  The rationale is that recreational baseball is about development and socializing with friends and classmates.  

For purposes of our travel baseball teams, Mars Baseball is going to consider whether other community travel teams retain the April 30 age determination date or move to an August 31 age determination date.  Because Mars Baseball travel teams play against AAU teams and other community travel teams, the Board's decision is largely dependent on ensuring that our teams have tournaments in which to play.  The decision will be made as soon as is practicable.  

Other than stated above, no other play up requests will be considered.


2019 Fall Farm Registration (ages 6-8)

The Fall Farm League is for players who are 6 years old (who are ready for this level of coach pitch), 7 years old and 8 year olds as of April 30, 2020.  MBA recommends that all 6 year olds who are not ready to play three strikes and you're out and with a hard baseball play in the T-ball/Introduction to Coach Pitch League rather than the Farm League.  It is the expectation that those 6 year olds would then play in the Farm American League (no strike outs, reduced injury factor ball) in the spring.  

The Fall Farm National League uses a standard little league baseball that is harder than the Reduced Injury Factor ball used in the T-ball/Intro to Coach Pitch league. In the Fall Farm League, batters will receive 7 pitches from the coach. If they don't hit the ball or have 3 swinging strikes, the batter is out. The entire season is coach pitch.
Please note that if get enough kids to support two Farm Leagues in the fall, then we may split the league according to age.  However, we typically have between 50 and 60 kids who play coach pitch in the fall so we would need between 80 and 90 kids to support two Fall Farm Leagues.
Almost all games will be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays.  However, in the early part of the season, we expect to play some games during the week.

Games will start as early as the weekend of August 23 or 30 and will end on Sunday, October 20.  Depending on registration, we may have the teams play bonus games before August 23. 

Teams may be scheduled to play one or two games each weekend and they may even have a couple of doubleheaders.  
Teams should expect to be scheduled to play approximately 14 games and we will make every effort to make sure that every team plays a minimum of 10 games.
Teams may have several practices during the season. .

The primary factor in dividing up teams is to balance the teams according to age and skill level so it may not be possible to accommodate all coach/friend requests.
We expect to schedule games at Adams 1&2, Adams Township Park and Centennial.  

Base Cost: $115.00

Opened: 07/01/2019
Closes: 08/31/3019

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 05/01/2011 and 04/30/2014

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