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If you would like to purchase Giant Eagle gift cards, please send an email to Dave Kuremsky at or via text at 412-913-8177.

For every $100 in gift cards that you purchase, you earn $4 which can be applied to any Mars Baseball registration.

Congratulations to those of you that already applied credits and saved money!  Several families have successfully earned enough credits for a FREE baseball registration! Continue to buy cards to earn credit toward tournament fees, fall ball or even next spring!  If you start now, free registrations will be easy to achieve!  Thanks for your support!

Earn money for YOU while supporting Mars Baseball!!
Giant Eagle Gift Card Fundraiser


This fundraiser will give you the opportunity to sell/purchase Giant Eagle gift cards to earn money to offset your baseball related fees, including baseball fees, Spirit Wear, Winter Training, outside baseball lessons, or AAU fees. This program is OPTIONAL and the money will be applied directly to YOUR son’s account while raising money to support the Mars Baseball Association.

How does the program work? When you purchase Giant Eagle gift cards from the Mars Baseball Association your son will earn credit of 4% of the amount of Giant Eagle gift cards that you buy. Mars Baseball Association will earn 1% of the value of the cards purchased. You decide the level of participation depending on the amount of money that you would like to make and the amount of effort that you want to put forth.

How much money can I earn? Mars Baseball started this program in the Fall of 2011 on a trial basis for a Mars travel team. During the past year, 15 families purchased $180,000 in cards. At 4%, this is $7,200 in savings to these families, an average of nearly $500 savings per family. The program is easy and allows you to earn money without having to change your current spending habits!

How do I purchase Giant Eagle cards? Contact Meredith Heavner via text (724-553-6546) or email ( ) to make arrangements. Include the cards that you would like to purchase (i.e. I would like $500 in cards as follows: 1-$200, 3-$100). We offer cards in $25, $50, $100 and $200 denominations. Please make checks payable to Mars Baseball Association.

You can use Giant Eagle gift cards in several ways. You will still earn fuelperks when you USE your Giant Eagle gift cards.
  1. Personal shopping at Giant Eagle/Get Go - If you shop at Giant Eagle, determine the amount that you expect to spend over the next several weeks at Giant Eagle for groceries, prescriptions, etc. and/or Get Go (don’t forget fuel purchases!), and simply purchase that amount of Giant Eagle gift cards prior to going shopping. For example, if you expect to spend $500/ month at Giant Eagle (for groceries, gas, car, etc), you will earn $20 per month for your son’s account. Over a six month period, you would earn $120 just for buying your groceries and gas as you usually do. This is an easy way to participate without having to do anything other than use Giant Eagle gift cards for your usual purchases.
  2. Gift Cards to other retailers – If you know that you are going to eat at a specific restaurant or are going shopping at a specific store or are planning to purchase a large item from a specific retailer, plan to stop at Giant Eagle to pick up a gift card for that retailer. Use your Giant Eagle gift card that you purchased from MBA to pay for the gift card for that particular store or restaurant. You can purchase gift cards for over 150 retailers at Giant Eagle. A list of gift cards that you can currently purchase at Giant Eagle can be located on the Giant Eagle website. Say you are looking for a new bat and/or glove at Dick’s and plan to spend $200, purchase $200 in Giant Eagle cards from Mars Baseball, then use them to purchase Dick’s gift cards at Giant Eagle, you will earn $8 (4% of $200) toward your son’s fees. (Note that if you use your Advantage Card you would also earn $0.40 in fuelperks, or up to $12 savings on $30 gallons of fuel). If you take the time to plan ahead and determine the amount that you will spend, you can earn additional money to offset the baseball fees.
  3. Friends and Family – Ask your family, friends, and neighbors if they would buy some Giant Eagle gift cards to support your son. Grandparents love to help! Cards are currently available in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $200. Your friends and family will still earn fuelperks since they are earned when you pay for your groceries and gas (when the Giant Eagle card is used). Again, for every $100 card that you sell your son will earn $4. If you sell $200 in cards to friends and family each month, you will earn $48 in six months.
The following is an example of the amount of money that you could easily earn to offset YOUR son’s baseball fees over a six month period. Obviously, the amount that you earn is dependent on your individual level of participation. You can increase or decrease the amount of cards that you purchase at any time.

Personal groceries/gas etc $500 x 6 months = $3,000 x 4% = $120
Gift cards $1,000 x 4% = $40
Friends/family groceries $200 x 6 months = $1,200 x 4% = $48
Friends/family holiday $500 x 4% = $20


How do I purchase Giant Eagle cards?  Contact Dave Kuremsky via text (412-913-8177) or email ( to make arrangements.  Include the cards that you would like to purchase (i.e.  I would like $500 in cards as follows: 1-$200, 3-$100).  We offer cards in $50, $100 and $200 denominations.  Please make checks payable to Mars Baseball Association.