Mars Baseball Association

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2022 Mars Bronco Baseball

(ages 11 and 12 as of April 30, 2022)

Registration will close on February 28.


Mars Baseball typically participates in the Bronco League other local associations like Brad-Mar-Pine Bronco. There are typically two different divisions of the Bronco League.

Competitive Division:

This is a highly competitive baseball division. In this league, player position rotation (except to comply with pitcher rules) is not required and is at the coach’s discretion. Full Bronco baseball rules will apply, except for local competitive league rules. Starting in late April, games will be played on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The season typically ends before the end of June. Due to the competitive nature, Mars Baseball expects full player attendance at games. As described below, players are evaluated and selected to play in this division. It is common for more 12U players than 11U players to play in this Division.  Depending on league registration numbers, Mars Baseball anticipates having three teams in this division.  

Recreational Division:

Starting in late April, this division will play on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  The season will end before the end of June. Bronco rules will apply, except for local recreation league rules. The local league rules are modified more towards player development. Player position rotation is strongly encouraged. If players opt to play in the Recreation Division, they are still encouraged (but not required) to attend the evaluation described below.  Depending on league registration numbers, Mars Baseball anticipates having 2-3 teams in this division.


We cannot guarantee placement of any player with any team or coach. Requests are extraordinarily difficult to accommodate at the Bronco League level because (i) the Bronco League is split into two leagues after an evaluation and (ii) the primary goal in dividing up teams is to maintain a proportional balance of abilities (and it is essential that we maintain a proportional pitching balance among teams within each league).

Player evaluations will be conducted at No Offseason Baseball. The purpose of the evaluations is to determine the appropriate league for each player and to achieve a competitive balance among teams within each league. Teams are expected to be posted on the website not later than March 28.  


We anticipate that teams will begin practicing the first full week of April.


Commissioner: If you are interested in being a Bronco Commissioner, please e-mail    in January.