Mars Baseball Association

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2020 Spring T-Ball/Intro to Coach Pitch (ages 4 through 5 as of August 31, 2019)

Registration: Register online at and pay online.  Registration ends on February 28.

What: T-Ball/Introduction to Coach pitch league

Ages: Players who are 4 through 5 years old as of August 31, 2020

MBA Recommendation: All 4 and 5 year olds should play T-ball/Intro to Coach Pitch regardless of skill, attention level or prior baseball experience.   

Rules: A Reduced Injury Factor (RIF) baseball will be used. It is the same size as a regulation baseball, but it is softer. At the beginning of the season, all players will hit from a batting tee.  Toward the end of the season, coach pitch will be introduced. 

Team Announcements: You will receive notification of your child’s team placement on or before March 31, 2020.

Practices: Practices will begin on or after April 1.  Teams will be scheduled to practice once or twice each week from April 2 through Baseball Opening Day.

Practice Times: Practices will be scheduled at 6 pm on Monday through Friday and on Saturday.  Teams may also have the opportunity to practice indoors one time in April at No Offseason Baseball in Valencia Club.

Baseball Opening Day likely will be Saturday, April 25.  All teams will play at least one game and pictures will be taken.

Season Length (games): Baseball Opening Day through June 13. 

Typical Game Schedule: We will make every effort to make sure that every team plays a minimum of 10 games (weather permitting).

Games Per Week: During the first part of the season, teams will have one practice and one game each week.  (NOTE, If there are an odd number of teams, then each week one team may be asked play two games.)  Toward the end of the season, most teams likely will have 2 games during week and may have a reduced number of practices. 

Game Schedule: Games will be scheduled at 6pm on Monday thru Friday and on Saturday.  No games will be scheduled on Sundays.

Practice and Game Locations: Adams Township Park

Team Assignments: Players will be placed on teams without a formal player evaluation. The Commissioner will attempt to balance teams based on the age of the players and the known skill level of the players.

Player Requests:  If two players want to play with each other, both must submit the same request. Although we cannot guarantee any placement request, we will try to honor placement requests between 2 players so long as both request to play together and we can still maintain a proportional balance of ages and abilities on teams.  No requests to play for a certain coach are permitted.

Equipment Provided/Equipment Needed: The league provides hats, jerseys and practice/game balls.  Although the league provides a few team helmets, most players purchase their own helmet for sanitary and safety reasons. Most players prefer to purchase their own bat although the league provides a limited number of team bats.  Players will also need to purchase gray baseball pants and cleats and may want to purchase a bat bag.

Commissioner: If you are interested in being the Commissioner, please e-mail  in January.