Mars Baseball Association

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Mars Baseball Association is a recreational baseball league.  Because of that mission, we are committed to providing in-house baseball opportunities to players regardless of ability and/or commitment to baseball. If you are new to Mars baseball, please see our Contact List for specific questions or Register NOW!

However, we recognize that some players are so passionate about baseball that they want to work hard to develop their baseball skills and play highly competitive baseball all year round.  We also recognize that cost of traditional AAU programs are skyrocketing and many families are unwilling or unable to write a check for $2000 to $3000 for baseball (especially if they have multiple kids).  We are also committed to helping those baseball players achieve their goals.  

Note that because our mission is to be a recreational baseball league, all baseball players are required to play in-house baseball during the spring season in order to be eligible for competitive baseball opportunities.  Additionally, at the younger age groups, players are not permitted to miss in-house baseball games in order to play on a tournament/travel baseball team.

In 2018, Mars Baseball is offering travel teams at the 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U and 13U age levels.  Mars Baseball also will continue to offer traditional summer tournament teams.  

Here is the framework of the Travel Team program.    

1.  Late summer or fall tryouts/team formation for "A" and B" teams as follows:

       Sunday, Oct 15 – No Off Season – Tarentum, PA

        Ages 9 and make up for 10U players: 3-5 pm

        Age 12 and make up for 11U players: 5:30-7 pm


       Tuesday, Oct 17 - Location TBD

        Ages 10- 5:30 pm to 7 pm


Sunday, Oct 22 – No Off Season – Mars, PA

Age 11: 5-6:30PM

Make Up for All Ages: 5-6:30

2.  Winter TEAM Training sessions at No Offseason Baseball in Mars using professional instructors and team coaches (once or twice per week starting in early to mid January).  Winter TEAM Training is strongly encouraged but not required for B team players.

3.  Monthly payments starting in the fall based on estimated winter training expenses, game (league and tournament) expenses and other team expenses. The team's coach will provide an estimated budget to all parents.

4.  Season from April 1 through July 31 will include league play and tournaments that the coach (together with the team) decides is in the best interest of the team

5.  Fall ball is optional (for coaches and players) and will result in an additional fee. 


What is a travel team?

Travel teams (Teams) are an opportunity for the most talented and dedicated players in Mars Baseball Association (MBA) to participate in tournaments and competitive league play against highly talented and dedicated players in the Western PA area.  Most travel teams are formed with players from a larger area than one community.  The goal for Teams is to play to win while exhibiting good sportsmanship and striving to improve the skills and future development of all players in a competitive environment.  Playing to win is the goal of MBA Teams and it is the goal of teams playing against MBA Teams.  Managers, players, coaches and parents are expected to strive for that goal while representing our community and the MBA in a manner in which we can all be proud.

The tournament season is unlike the in-house season because, in the tournament season, there is limited guaranteed playing time and players usually play only a limited number of positions.  We want parents to understand the MBA’s philosophy in order to avoid any conflicts or confrontations during the tournament season due to a lack of playing time or a player’s assignment to a specific position for the entire season. 

It is the Manager’s duty to provide the team with its best opportunity to win.  This will include making discretionary player selections, development of players through practice and instruction, strategy and game decisions and determining lineup and substitutions.  Additionally, only minimum playing time is guaranteed.  Managers have a duty to assign defensive positions and batting order based on what is best for the TEAM.


Note, In-house will remain the priority for all players. At the younger ages, players are not permitted to miss a spring in-house practice or game for a tournament/travel team game or practice.