Mars Baseball Association

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Responsibilities of Head Coaches (and Assistant Coaches)


*Communicating to your team through the Mars Baseball website by logging into your account, clicking on Admin, then Members, then E-mail Members, then highlighting your team

*Reading the rules of your league and following the rules of your league.  If you want to propose a rule change, you are free to submit the rule change to the Board at a Board meeting.

*Making sure that the parents on your team understand the rules of the league and the policies of the league (i.e. positional rotation and pitching rules)

*Making sure that the website accurately reflects all scheduled games and practices (i.e. if you reschedule or cancel a game or a practice, you must reschedule or cancel it on the website so parents don’t get e-mail/text reminders of games or practices that aren’t happening).  You can do this by logging into your account, clicking on Admin, the Scheduling, then Master Calendar.

*Cancellations of games and practices are at the discretion of the head coaches.  For games, both head coaches must communicate on whether to cancel the game.  It is the job of the head coach to determine whether a field is playable without excessive use of field dry or otherwise damaging the field (i.e. DO NOT DIG TRENCHES!!!).  Note that we are an all-volunteer association and we don’t have a paid field crew.

*In the event that you opt to cancel a game, you must communicate that cancellation to the umpire coordinator of the Minor League or Ed Heckert for the Bronco League.  For Bronco games, games must be canceled not later than 5 pm.

*Preparing the field by lining it and dragging it (if necessary) before and after games.

*Making sure that all field equipment is properly stored (not left out).

*Making sure that all sheds and boxes are properly closed.

*If a field is lacking in supplies, the head coach needs to communicate that to the Commissioner of the League and/or the Equipment Manager.

*If he cannot attend a game or practice, the head coach needs to make sure an assistant coach is available to attend and that he has everything he needs to run the practice or game.

*Preparing a line up card and otherwise running games in full compliance with the rules of the league (i.e., with respect to positional rotation, pitching, call ups and all other rules)

*Rescheduling all rained out games on an open date and at an open field that is assigned to your league after looking at the Master Calendar section of the website.  If you have questions about an open field that isn’t assigned to your league, please e-mail


Please note that being a Head Coach is a big responsibility and that our Head Coaches are volunteers with jobs and families.  However, we can only run Mars Baseball Association with the help of their passion and dedication to baseball and the kids.  As a result, if you can help the Head Coach of your team by handling communication or lining the fields before the game or checking out whether a field is playable after rain, please offer your assistance to the Head Coach of your team.