Mars Baseball Association

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All travel teams are SELF-FUNDING (i.e. parents pay for uniforms, tournament expenses, umpire fees, indoor training at No Offseason and any other expenses associated with the travel team).


As a result, all checks made by parents to support the travel team should be made payable to Mars Baseball.  The Treasurer will write checks for tournaments and provide a reconciliation for each team.  Coaches should NOT overcollect fees for the their fees.  If the coach overcollects, then all parents will be given a credit at the end of the season to be uses for future Mars Baseball programming.  No refunds will be provided.      



         Below is the estimated cost of participating on a Travel Team:

         1.  $250 per player for Winter Training
         2.  $50 per player to Mars Baseball (field dry, lime, baseballs, toilets, insurance, website, equipment (such as L screens, portable mounds, etc.), field maintenaince, PayPal fees, etc.).  Mars Baseball spends $60,000 on these items each year.)
         3.  $200 or more per player to be put into a TEAM FUND for spring and summer competitive baseball.  Coaches have full discretion on how to use this money.  Coaches will be expected to prepare a budget in October and then to re-evaluate their budget in April so that this amount can be adjusted upward or downward.  If a team elects to play in one or more destination tournaments (i.e. Ripken), this amount might be significantly higher. For example, playing in a Ripken tournament costs approximately $100 per player.
         4.  Uniform expenses (jerseys and hats)-This amount will be paid directly to the apparel vendor.
         5.  In-House fee.  This amount will be added to every Travel Team player's payment schedule so that parents only have to complete one registration.

The Travel Team Fee and the In-House Fee is expected to be paid montly starting in November with the final balance being paid in May.  Please do not pay the whole fee before May.  We request that coaches budget high so that the May payment may not be necessary.   


Ways to Reduce Costs Per Team

1.  Purchase Giant Eagle cards-By purchasing $1000 in Giant Eagle gift cards each money, you can reduce your monthly expenses by $40.  In other words, you can save $40 per month at no cost to you.  If interested, please contact Meredith Heavner at for more information about how you can get started.
2.  Run a Program/Fundraiser at No Offseason Baseball or somewhere else-The coaches have been offered the opportunity to run a program at No Offseason Baseball or other fundraiser.  They have been offered ideas and support.
3.  Solicit Sponsors-Mars Baseball has a sponsor program and will give a commission to any player who brings in sponsors for Mars Baseball.  For more information, please contact


Expenses that You May Incur That Are Not Included in the Estimate Above

1.‚Äč Spring In-House Registration Fee-All travel players are required to play spring in-house baseball
2. Fall Baseball Expenses-Fall ball is optional
3. Uniform Expenses-hat, jersey, baseball pants, etc.
4. Additional Fees for Competitive Tournaments-The coach will create a schedule of tournaments/league games.  If the cost of participating in the same is greater than $200, then additional monies will need to be collected from the parents.  If the cost of participating is less than $200, the excess monies will remain in the travel team account for the benefit of the team.  The excess monies will NOT be remitted to Mars Baseball.