Mars Baseball Association

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Mars Baseball Association is a recreational baseball league.  Because of that mission, we are committed to providing in-house baseball opportunities to players regardless of ability and/or commitment to baseball. If you are new to Mars baseball, please see our Contact List for specific questions or Register NOW!.

We are also committed to providing quality and cost-effective winter training opportunities so that all players can develop as baseball players. For more information on our winter training opportunities, please click Register Now.

However, we recognize that some players are so passionate about baseball that they want to work hard to develop their baseball skills and play highly competitive baseball all year round.  We are also committed to helping those baseball players achieve their goals.  

Note that because our mission is to be a recreational baseball league, all baseball players are required to play in-house baseball during the spring season in order to be eligible for competitive baseball opportunities.  Additionally, players are not permitted to miss in-house baseball games in order to play on a tournament/travel baseball team.

Mars Baseball will be conducting tryouts for an 8A and 8B team in connection with the in-house placement evaluation that will be scheduled in March 2017.  However, in order to be considered for the 8U tournament teams, you must indicated your child's interest on the 2017 spring in-house registration online form.​

Mars Baseball will be soliciting interest for the 7U Summer Tournament through its 2017 Farm in-house registration process.  It is the policy of Mars Baseball to attempt to accommodate all interested (and available) 7U players on a summer tournament team.  If we have enough players for one team, then we will have one team.  If we have enough interested players for two teams, then we will have two teams.  If we have too many interested players for one team but not enough for two teams, then the head coach will prepare a "flex roster" based primarily on player availability.  The goal will be to make sure that all interested players can player in two tournaments (assuming the player is available to play at least two weekends in July). 

Estimated Costs for Participating on a 7U or 8U Summer Tournament Team

One Jersey-$50 (Parents will order jerseys directly from our online vendor. Jerseys can be worn for more than one year.)

One Pair of Pants-$40 (All tournament teams will wear white pants.  If that is the same color as the in-house team pants, then there will be no additional expense.) 

Hats-$25-Some teams may wear in-house hats.  Others may order custom hats for the summer team.​

Fee to Mars Baseball-$25 (includes team baseballs, field dry, lime, trash removal, port a jons at fields, website, insurance, field maintenance expense, other expenses to Mars Baseball.  Note that the actual cost per registration is around $75.  This fee will be collected through spring in-house registration.  This fee will be $25 in 2016 and $50 in 2017.  

Tournament Entry Fees-$30 to $50 per player per tournament depending on the tournament. 

Miscellaneous Team Expenses-will vary by team

Fees for tournaments and hats (as applicable) will be collected by Mars Baseball via PayPal (i.e. through the website) and will go into the Mars Baseball Travel Team Account.  The head coach will prepared a budget and determine an estimated amount to be collected by all members of the team.  Any unused monies will be available for the benefit of the travel team for an end of the summer party or to pay for team expenses the following year.



1. What is a tournament/travel team?

Tournament/travel teams (Teams) are an opportunity for the most talented and dedicated players in Mars Baseball Association (MBA) to participate in tournaments against the most talented and dedicated players in other baseball associations.  The goal for Teams is to play to win while exhibiting good sportsmanship and striving to improve the skills and future development of all players in a competitive environment.  Playing to win is the goal of MBA Teams and it is the goal of teams playing against MBA Teams.  Managers, players, coaches and parents are expected to strive for that goal while representing our community and the MBA in a manner in which we can all be proud.

The tournament season is unlike the in-house season because, in the tournament season, there is limited guaranteed playing time and players usually play only a limited number of positions.  We want parents to understand the MBA’s philosophy in order to avoid any conflicts or confrontations during the tournament season due to a lack of playing time or a player’s assignment to a specific position for the entire season. 

It is the Manager’s duty to provide the team with its best opportunity to win.  This will include making discretionary player selections, development of players through practice and instruction, strategy and game decisions and determining lineup and substitutions.  Additionally, only minimum playing time is guaranteed.  Managers have a duty to assign defensive positions and batting order based on what is best for the TEAM.


2.  Anyone who wishes to be a tournament team head coach for the 7U through 12U age groups in 2017 is requested to submit a proposal with the information below to the Board not later than January 31, 2017. Coaches will be selected at the February or March Board Meeting.

A. Information regarding spring, summer and fall competitive games (league and tournament information);

B. Information regarding hosting a tournament in Mars and/or how the coach and the team will otherwise support the goals of Mars Baseball Association.

Rationale: Early selection of the coaches will allow coaches to plan spring and summer games and tournaments (including one or more travel tournaments) earlier in the year which, in turn, will allow for better communication to parents.