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Welcome to the T-ball Rockies
by posted 06/05/2020

Welcome Mars T-ballers to the Rockies!

      I received notification that we are finally able to start the season. Our team is the Rockies and I know we're all excited to start playing.  My name is Luke Stall and I will be the head coach, with Brent Steineman and Dominic Verdi serving as assistants.  I encourage all parents who want to help to feel free to do so.

      My son, Alden, is on the team and I have been involved with Mars Baseball over the last few years coaching our older son, Henry.  We hope that the kids will have a lot of fun this year while learning about the game and developing basic skills. At this age, T-ball games are 3 innings: all kids bat each inning and there are no outs. We will start batting off the tee, then as the kids get more comfortable, we will transition to coach pitch. 

      Most importantly for these kids, we want to ensure everyone is safe which has an added component this year due to COVID-19.  Stay tuned for additional guidance from the league on adjustments we will make to reduce contact between the players.  What I know now is the players will need to have their own helmets, bats, and gloves.  If you are buying a new bat, look for one with the USA designation stamped on the bat, as per league rules.  If you have an older bat that does not have USA stamped on the side it is not that big of a deal at this age.  Other necessary equipment includes cleats and gray baseball pants, although any color you have will be fine. The league will supply jerseys, hats, and balls.  Other safety items we will focus on are making sure the kids swing bats only in designated areas and learn to always watch the ball while it is in play. Start discussing these concepts with your kids now. Hopefully, that will help us to have a fun, safe, and productive year!

     The season will start the week of June 15th, but our schedule is not set at this point.  In the past we have practiced one night a week for about an hour and played 1-2 games on the weekend with games lasting about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  I am not sure if the schedule will be more compressed this year.  I will let you know as soon as I do.  Games are played at Adams Township Community park on one of the two adjacent T-ball fields.

I'm looking forward to a great year and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions and concerns. 

Go Rockies!

Luke Stall

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